About Us

The Photography and fine art Graphics print shop Digital Photo Magic was launched late in 2008 by Stephen Johnson. My aim is to offer the public and professional photographers a professional, convenient and most of all, affordable, source of high quality photography and fine art enlargements for their photographs, either digital or conventional and the ability to render those images to the multitude of products that are currently on offer.

I got into photography by accident really, my older brother is an extremly accomplished photographer in the medical and scientific field so I guess I grew up with cameras and absorbed an interest without even knowing it.

Initially, I worked for many years in my own publishing services company and when that ended I needed something to keep me going so I started printing large format, fine art prints for local photographers and the public to utilise the skill set I had aquired in my previous job. I obviously printed some of my own images, and to blow my own trumpet, I thought they were at least as good as many of the ones I was printing for others so I decided to "put myself out there" as a photographer. The rest, as they say, is history!

I was able to combine my knowledge of digital fine art printing, my in depth experience with Photoshop and many other image manipulation and editing tools and laterly my own photographic talents to create a fairly unique skill set that allows me to offer a huge range of digital image services and products to both professional photographers and the public everything is manufactured in house, I don't outsource anything!

Please take the time to have a browse through my website and take in the full range of products and photographic services that are available in one place. I shoot, print and manufacture ALL my own products, no third parties that push up the price. Most of my prices are what the professional photographers would pay, without the mark up!

If you buy large format image products from a photographer it may well have been produced by me and sold on with a huge mark up (often well in excess of 200%!!! Yes I know!!). Believe me, very few print their own images let alone manufacture the mounted products themselves. So the only thing that is different is the price.

Also, I am not like many of the big "chain" photography companies out there that lure you in with a tiny cost to take the pictures. We've all seen the hype, "A full make-over shoot for just £40.00". What do you get for that? Usually a single mounted 10 x 8 print and that's it. They then hit you with the hard sell for the massively inflated image product prices. Just look at my site to see what I offer. The inital price might be a little more but you WILL end up getting far more for your money and far beter value all around. Oh, and I'm a really nice guy. What more can you ask for.

It might interest you to know that 90% of my customers come from personal referalls from other satisfied customers, that has to say something!

Give Digital Photo Magic a try, you won't regret it.

Stephen Johnson